Grandparents taught at an early age I "brought forward progenitor deloitte and frugal", let me get into the good habit of thrift.

  Grandma their teachings, I have been in my heart, but never understand what is thrifty, always feel that it seemed so far away from me. Until I was nine years old when one thing happened, just let me deeply understand the meaning of thrift. That day, mom told me to buy a bag of vinegar, into the store, I gave the money to the salesman aunt, aunt smiled put a bag of vinegar in my pocket, and also to find a corner of the money into my palm. At home, I handed the vinegar to mom, conveniently and throw it back a dime into the trash can. Mother asked me what that

  Do so, I said: "what's the use of a dime left, what all don't buy, or thrown away." Mother said: "that can not line, a dime, though a little, but is also money, as long as little as much, it will be a large sum of money in the future. You have to learn to cherish and thrifty." Say so that pick up a dime, into a small box. From then on, I was with her mother to put change into the small box, I formed the good habit of thrift.


  I am a happy child growing up in a beautiful environment, the laughter of happy, beautiful music, LangLangDe top stayed in my happiness hut, along with my growth. Parents always set an example and precept, and lead me to study hard, exercise actively, so that I developed an interest in learning, develop good living habits. Of course, this little also not father of family precepts. My family precepts is "five" standard, that is: the man, to learn, to use, for the body, for a living. Human is fundamental, as the body is the foundation, to learn is a means, is to use purpose, for a living is ideal.

  Top is the biggest characteristic of my family. I grow from infant's cradle, have been immersed in the top. Is I read nursery rhymes, fairy tale story. Dad also set an example, will spend five minutes during breakfast, spend 10 minutes to read ancient prose before dinner. He often read cadence, shape and appearance, I was deeply moved, followed to read aloud together. The reading proficiency, I and the father "on poetry", top spread through every corner of the home. Until now, ten years later, the top 15 minutes in the morning and evening almost did not stop. LangLangDe pup - not only the modern make back I almost finished high school, and make my composition level enhances unceasingly, also to know more knowledge of history, added to the life the pleasure of reading.


  Three teach Dan composition: my family trait tutor (429 words)

  Dan, family education, is China's traditional culture and an important part of traditional education. Aged respected, thrifty, Ming know the ritual... Good family trait tutor, affected the generation after generation of Chinese people, push forward the Chinese nation, is to promote the progress of social civilization is energy. In a good family trait tutors, will be under the influence of the good atmosphere for better development. As the saying goes: "who lies, black." This sentence clearly expressed the around environment is very important to the development of a person. "Mencius's mother three times" is not a good example? Have a good family background, in the process of growth of a person's development has very great influence, this is everyone can't deny. And we at first is in the home, the development of start-up tutors will have a vital role to the development of our nature, so a good family trait family education can promote a healthy growth and help a person to success. Personally, I think my family trait tutoring is relatively good, basically there is no limit of feudal doctrine, have a plenty of the sort of help to the development of our power, have plenty of help us light life, have a plenty of bondage we make mistakes warning, in general sense is provides a suitable growth environment.