人們總是說回到甜蜜的家,毫無疑問,對每個人來說,家是很重要的。下面小編為大家搜集整理的初中英語作文我的家 ,僅供閱讀!

  我的家 My Home

  I live in a small but clean and beautiful house with myparents. My mother always cleans up the house. There is a living room, a dining hall, a kitchen and three bedrooms inmy house. My home is well decorated. The living room is light blue and it makes me feel comfortable. My bedroom is light purple. I like this color very much. My father chose it for me specially. At night, I often do my home work in the study and my father often plays the computer in it. When I have problems, I usually ask for his help.


  我溫暖的家 My Warm Family

  My family is a traditional Chines family which is an extended family with my grandparents, my parents and I living together.

  My grandparents are kind to me. When I was young, they gave me a lot of care and love. They always taught me to be honest, responsible and hardworking. Even though I often did something wrong, they still educated me in moral words. Because of their moral education, I could grow up quickly.

  My parents are obedient. They take good care of my grandparents. They often help my grandparents with the family chores to make them live better. On weekends, they keep a good company with my grandparents, so that they never feel lonely. Besides, they also care so much about me. Whatever hobbies and interests I have, they are always on my side, so I have my free living style.

  I think my family members are the most beloved ones. From them, I have learnt to respect the old and love the young. Thus I regard them as my good examples. I love my family.





  我的家庭生活 My Family Life

  I have a happy family, there are three people in my family, my father, my mother and I. I go to school from Monday to Friday, on the weekends, I will go out with my parents, they always take me to different restaurants, we will taste different food. At night, my mother will tell me a story, then I can have a good dream, I love my family life.