Only reading be self-motivated people can learn knowledge, otherwise, will become ignorant. I think, we should like to read books, love reading. I remember that du may once said a words: "reading make people relaxed and happy."

  There is a famous saying: "read volumes, such as writing." Reading has many benefits, reading can let us growth knowledge; Reading books can broaden our vision; Reading can let we collected many good words we segment. In reading a book, I deeply feel: books are immense ocean, book is the sky of knowledge, books are endless prairie.

  Gorky once said such a words: "books are the ladder of human progress." "I rushed in a book is like a hungry person sees a loaf of bread." Yes, books can cultivate people's sentiment, it can make us relax and breathe the fresh air. I think, love is never wrong, books can make us get rid of a lot of bad habits. It's good to read! Reading makes I aspire to be a useful person to society, I want to be like the beloved premier zhou "reading for the rise of the Chinese," we only have small to read and study hard, to master the knowledge, grow up, can we use our talents to serve human, repay our dear motherland.

  Let us act quickly, to book sea roam! Then you will realize the Shakespeare's words: "life without books, just like without the sun, wisdom without books, like a bird without wings." The refraction of the truth.



  高爾基曾經說過這樣兩句話:“書籍是人類進步的階梯。”“我撲在書上就像饑餓的人撲在面包上。”是的,書可以陶冶人的情操,它能讓我們放松心情,自由呼吸新鮮的空氣。我認為,愛書是永遠都不會錯的,書可以讓我們改掉許許多多的不良習慣。讀書真好!讀書使我立志做個對社會有用的人,我要像敬愛的周總理那樣“為中華之崛起而讀起”我們只有從小刻苦讀書、 學習, 掌握那淵博的知識,長大了以后,才能用我們的才干為人類服務,報答我們那親愛的祖國。



  Some people say that reading is not good. Reading is a kind of burden, reading is locked in a tight without ventilation cages, reading as if to accept the devil training, you were dead, reading is very painful, it is the people on the lethal poison. This is just the illiterate, but I think the benefits of reading. I think the book is the ladder of human progress, is the human silent teacher, books are our friends, the book is nutrition of pills, books are food for the soul, the book let us into a heaven, there is a heaven. Reading is a kind of beautiful enjoyment. Reading, let you like into the wonderland, let your life more colorful childhood reading, cultivate your sentiments, relieve fatigue, you forget your trouble, reading is colorful sauces. Rather than call me elapsed time in playing, call me to book the ocean.

  When I don't understand, I saw a book like hell, but as time goes by, I grow up, I know what is the real enjoyment, I learned to enjoy the pleasure of reading.

  Read volumes, such as writing. Reading can not only enjoy pleasure, but there is a lot of help to you. Books to read, write up the article, also is like flowing, speaks also of being, is not very good?

  Reading let me add a lot of fun, I also learned to enjoy the pleasure of reading. Golden house in my childhood, there are always two words "reading". First learn to read, only know how to enjoy the pleasure of reading. Only reading, your life to be meaningful, and your life will blossom out the light, you also don't waste this life!






  Learning english can be a very difficult task for most people, this is because we dont live in a environment where we are forced to speak or write english. so i think the best way to learn english is by communicating with others using the lagnguage itself and not just learn from the book. Im sure if you live in an environment such as a foreign country and were forced to speak and write english everyday then your english will imprve dramatically.

  Although we must agree that we need to read and write english from the book in order to get the foundations that we need for basic communication, this is essential but as i said, this is only a foundation, what you develop afterwards all depends on your ability to adapt to an environment and your courage.