After reading, I want to invent a machine after put the book into the machine, into a book after a few seconds of delicious food, can not only a good dinner, after eating can also master the knowledge from books. With such a machine is love reading, students mastering all aspects.

  We use master knowledge, invention of the world's most advanced equipment; Let robot help us do dangerous work; Abandoned factory into dense forest; Dirty and smelly drains into a clear stream; All is to use solar power, the sky has no ozone layer; Blue sky of the motherland will be more profound; Humans don't need any tools, flight can the moon like superman, still can live on the moon, to play, the five-star red flag flying high on the moon...

  We must study hard, do a glorious successor, the construction of the motherland more prosperous!





  Knowledge is power since the earth with humans, the knowledge will sprout in the human wisdom, from the ancient of days eat birds and animals raw to height of contemporary civilization, each time the progress of the society. All show the huge role of knowledge. The progress of knowledge, to promote the development of history and promoted the human civilization.

  Knowledge is power! At present, popular in the world such a saying: whether a country, a nation is prosperous, prosperous, see this country, the people of this nation culture knowledge level. I think that makes sense. Even if a country is not rich enough, but as long as it has the wisdom of the people, have importance to knowledge tradition, it can be asserted: this country is promising. And if a country, a nation is very rich, but to feed a group of "competent", the result must be sad. It will gradually decline. In the history of the tang dynasty was formed "kaiyuan time" boom. In addition to the emperor's enlightened, the main reason is the development of science and technology in all walks of life to fully. Domestic talent, the state is strong, sublime. In ancient times, the wind and rain lightning and other natural phenomena, are regarded as the act of god. Whenever the drought, the people kill pig slaughter a sheep. On the altar, kowtowing to god, to obey monk called chicken calls the rain. Today, these seem to be too foolish, but it is not lead to the inevitable result of knowledge. Now we have scientific knowledge, the artificial rainfall approach, even met drought, crops can grow very well (5) the power of knowledge composition composition. "God" nor card our necks. Man can conquer nature, it is because people have the knowledge.




  Bacon said: "knowledge is power of the power of knowledge" If have no knowledge, we have nothing.

  The development of China requires knowledge, otherwise how China as a world power? The progress of science and technology knowledge, or "god nine" "dragon" out from? The advance of the society requires knowledge, otherwise how to continue to develop the socialist road with Chinese characteristics? All the facts have proven that knowledge is power.

  A man without knowledge, it is equal to lost all his wealth, money, fame, status and what's the use of high, have no knowledge of reserves or equivalent. Energy from food, the power is from knowledge, if asked: "knowledge come from?" I will answer yue: "knowledge is everywhere, everywhere all have."

  First of all acquired from books. Numerous achievements is the fundamental source comes from the secretary. MAO zedong, for example, why the great achievement and influence? On is to read the book, he with his life companion, go to where, where it will. The so-called "never too old to learn", that is, in this way, people, more than seventy percent of the knowledge from books, is a book provides the most important source of knowledge.