In recent year,overseas studying is very popular. More and more people go abroad in order to studying.

  Different people have different idears on this phenomenon.Some people think that it is no neccersary,beacause they think that the knowledge in motherland is enough.However,other people approve of overseas studying.They think it is helpful to improve themselves in learning and working.

  In my opinion,it is beneficial.First,it provides many chances for people who want to make progress;second,it is a mind-exparding experience,people who went abroad can obtain the culture,customs and so on;third,facing with the vocational pressure nowdays.It is very important chances to overseas studying .

  So ,I think overseas studying is very important to everyone.


  Recent years, more and more Chinese people have chosen to study abroad. To this tendency, some people think it is not good, as most of the overseas learners do not come back, whereas I hold a different opinion.

  In my opinion, it is a good thing that more Chinese people go abroad. There are three reasons. First, the overseas learners can improve their ability through the study. They can grasp advanced technologies and their language ability can be improved as well. Second, with the rapid development of China, more and more overseas learners will choose come back, using their abundant knowledge studied abroad to serve for the motherland. The third, the government and most domestic enterprises are willing to provide favorable treatments to attract them to come back.

  Although some do not want to come home, we are glad to see that there are more overseas learners chosen to work at home than before. For the above reasons, I think it is not a bad thing for more and more Chinese study abroad.


  There are some advantages and disadvantages in studying abroad. In my opinion, I'm in favour of studying abroad. First of all, If we live with a local family, we will communicate with each other. In this way, we have more chances to practise speaking English. Besides, we can learn more aout Western culture and customs. What's more, we will have a good job with diploma in the future. However, some people are against studying abroad. In their opinion, first, studying abroad is too expensive. In addition, Since it's too far away and we aren't familiar with the environment. We will feel lonely. What's more, Since we 're unfamiliar with Western culture and customs, we may be not used to the food, the way of communication and teaching methods and so on.