With the development of the society and the continuous deepening of the reform of education, mental health education is becoming more and more important in the position and role of the quality education, primary school and junior high school period is one of the most important stage, adolescence mental health education should be strengthened. To improve the psychological quality of adolescents, to prepare the students for the future.

  Life is full of invisible pressure, if we don't have a healthy psychology, and how to face the pressure of the ubiquitous, psychological good people and vulnerable people, how can we deal with the pressure are worlds apart. For example, two different psychological quality, injustice, psychological good people will be in my heart quietly said to myself, "what could he met today not know, maybe, he is in a better mood tomorrow." And mentally vulnerable people complain about other people.

  School mental health education in order to ease the students' psychological pressure, promote student's psychological quality, I now have the republic of school is a school for mental health education characteristics, the school each year to carry out a variety of psychological tutorial, mind consulting room, etc., so each of the students, live very happy at school every day.

  Last semester has been held in our school psychodrama performances, in these shows reflect some bad behaviors of common in our daily life, because some small things, cause unnecessary disputes, caused by some of the barriers between classmates, and in these psychological drama students put forward the effective way to resolve these contradictions. So I think the mental health education of our youth is a big help, a healthy psychological, let's step by step toward the sun, and sometimes we like a small trees, need others to irrigation, to love. The school is like a tree asking us to cultivate him with love.

  Mental health education is the most important role in the world education, mental health education is not only important to the development of individual now, and has a fundamental role to the development of the future and even the whole life, we should realize the importance of mental health education, to realize the psychological quality is an important part of talent quality.


  There are many things that affect the mental health of our pupils. For example: the recent spate of school tragedies, today's pressure to learn... The mental health of our primary school students is influenced by the fact that it is not. Now let's discuss the study pressure of primary school students.

  I think there should be no elite schools, if any one of them is a good school, they think he is good, and he will have a good future. On the other hand, if a child is not at an elite school, he thinks he will not be able to do anything. Is that certain? Do we often see some high-iq crimes, and the criminals aren't the little geniuses they grew up with? Does not the man who has the profound knowledge become a hero? Because of the famous university, parents hope that we will have an interest in the future, and whether we want to or not, we will give us a variety of training courses. Our pupils' Saturday and Sunday had become normal class hours, leaving us with no rest and leisure time. The two-day holiday also became a painful day for our primary school students. Good hope no more training class, return our time, spend a happy weekend with family.

  We have no pressure, we can learn easily, we must be better.


  Today, when I was chatting with my cousin, I didn't know how to talk about mental health.

  Professor jiang of the education class tells us not only to pay attention to physical health, but also to health. Teacher jiang had told me that the exam was not terrible, that I would cry and I would overcome jealousy. These things, when I run into those situations, I feel no pressure. Cousin says they also have a course called mental health, and the most interesting thing is that their teacher has an unconscious ability to hypnotize. At one point, the teacher showed up. The teacher put them on the desk and relaxed. Then put some light-hearted music in your mouth and whisper some of the leading words. Cousin and they feel their sense of control, the in the mind feel arrogant and ears echoed with the teacher's words, but don't know say what. In the end, one of their classmates fell asleep on the spot. The other students fell asleep.

  When I heard it, it was amazing that if I had grown up, I would have learned that skill.